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Answers to All Questions About Mesotherapy


What is Mesotherapy?

For the first time in 1952, Dr. The mesotherapy application applied by Michael Pistor is among the most common aesthetic applications of today.

Injection of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids into the middle layer of the skin alone or in a mixture is called mesotherapy application.

The substances to be injected are determined according to the wishes of the person and the skin needs of the patient determined by the doctor.

In Which Situations Is Mesotherapy Application Performed?

Mesotherapy has many application areas. Experts prefer the application;

  • Sunspot treatment,

  • Aging of the skin,

  • Skin sags,

  • Cellulite,

  • Crinkle,

  • Cracked skin,

  • Hair loss,

  • Weight loss,

  • Allergic reactions,

  • Sports injuries,

  • Acute and chronic pain,

  • Vitiligo

Is There Any Situations Where Mesotherapy Application Is Inconvenient?

Although mesotherapy application has many benefits, its application is inconvenient in some cases.

Firstly, it is not recommended to be applied in pregnant and lactating mothers. In addition, it is not correct to apply to people with a history of stroke, people with blood clotting problems, cancer patients and diabetics.

Does Mesotherapy Have Side Effects?

When applied by specialist doctors, mesotherapy does not have any side effects. Redness or bruising may be observed in the application areas. This type of bruising and redness disappears within 1-2 days.

Things to Consider After Mesotherapy

After the mesotherapy application, there are certain points that patients should pay attention to. First of all, blood thinners/products such as aspirin should not be used after the application.

In addition, the application area should not be touched with water for 10-15 hours.

If the application is made to a part of the body, clothes that will tighten the application area should not be preferred.

What are the Types of Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy has the effects of rejuvenating the skin, reducing wrinkles, maintaining moisture balance, reducing blemishes and tightening the skin.

Mesotherapy, which can be applied to different parts of the body, has varieties named after these regions.

Facial Mesotherapy

Our face, which is constantly visible, is open to both environmental pollution and the harmful effects of the sun.

It is possible to prevent this with the vitality and resistance of mesotherapy application.

In addition, it is extremely effective in eliminating sagging and wrinkles.

Hair Mesotherapy

The lack of life in the hair area causes hair loss.

With hair mesotherapy, the hair in the area is strengthened and the problem of shedding is eliminated.

In addition, the application makes the hair grow thicker.

Izmir Mesotherapy

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