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Lip Lift Operation


What is Lip Lift?

Some people structurally have a long nose-lip distance.

Over time, this distance begins to increase for everyone. This appearance is considered as a sign of aging, especially in women.

With the incision made under the nose, some skin is removed and a younger appearance is obtained by shortening the distance between the nose and lips.

Another advantage of the operation is that it makes the lip look more voluminous without adding fillers.

The operation takes between half an hour and an hour. Lip lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia or sedo-anesthesia.

When using absorbable suture, sutures do not need to be removed.

If non-absorbable sutures are used, the sutures are removed on the 7th or 8th day.

One week after the operation, the suture scar can be covered with make-up.

The suture scar in the area appears as a slight redness in the 1st month, similar to the aesthetic nose surgery. At the end of 2-3 months, it takes a definite-indeterminate state.

The day after the operation, soft foods should be consumed, cold application should be applied to the area and the head should be kept high.

Lip Lift

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