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Medium Face Lift


What is Endoscopic Mid-Face Lift Operation?

Endoscopic mid-face lift, especially in the middle age group (25-45 years old), is aimed to restore the malar fat pad (upper adipose tissue of the anterior cheek) It is the operation that makes it hang.

This operation is a method that affects the eyelids in the middle of the face, cheekbones and around the mouth. In these areas of the face, sagging, bagging and wrinkles begin to appear with aging and the effect of gravity.

The purpose of endoscopic midface surgery is to eliminate the defects in these parts and to make the person look younger.

We can do it.

The adventage of this operation is that there is no possibility of suture scars in the long term, since the incisions in the temple area remain inside the hair. Along with this surgery, eyebrow lifting, almond eye, temple stretching and lower eyelid tightening operations can also be performed.

Mid face lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts for 2 hours. After the operation, the forehead and cheek areas are wrapped with thin bandages. The benefit of covering the areas with a bandage is that it prevents the increase of edema and bruising.

This does not affect the daily life of the patient. The length of stay in the hospital is one day.

Stitches are usually removed on the 7th or 8th day. You can return to your daily life from the 2nd day after the surgery.

Medium Face Lift

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