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Almond Eye Treatment


What is Almond Eye?

The two outer canthus of the eye (where the eyelids meet) should normally be about 2 mm outward. The fact that both canthuses are parallel or pointing down can make the person look tired and unhappy. For this reason, the upward positioning of the outer canthus of the eye using various techniques is called almond eye surgery. In order for this process to be permanent, the stabilizing tendons and ligaments (ligaments) in the region must be loosened. If the patient who underwent almond eye surgery also needs upper eyelid intervention, an incision is made only in the upper eyelid crease. If almond eye surgery is to be performed alone, the incision is made from the scalp in the temple area with the help of endoscopes. While local anesthesia can be performed in simple interventions, general anesthesia is required in operations where eyebrow and eyelid interventions are added. The operation usually takes 1 hour. The hospital stay is 0-1 days. It is recommended to use a patch for a week to reduce edema. Stitches are removed on the 7th day. The recovery period is 7-10 days.

Almond Eye

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