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Curious About Bichectomy?


Aesthetic operations that allow to reach the cheek type known as Hollywood cheek in the aesthetic industry are called bichectomy.

The cheek area has a great influence on appearance due to the width of the area it covers on the face.

People with certain face types have full cheeks, even if they are at their ideal weight.

With this aesthetic operation, people with fuller cheeks are provided with sharper facial features.

Removing the fullness in the cheek area and making the cheeks more proportional to the facial features have great effects on the appearance.

Why is bichectomy preferred?

Although there are many aesthetic operations, bichectomy has been an aesthetic application that has come to the fore.

There are many different reasons for this.

The short duration of the application, the absence of hospitalization, the painless and short recovery are some of the reasons why it is preferred. In addition to these reasons, one of the reasons why the application is preferred is that the operation is seen as the only solution as a result of the fact that the thinning of the cheeks cannot be achieved despite diet and sports.

Who Can Have a Bichectomy?

There is no certain age limit for people who will undergo bichectomy operation. Only people need to be at their ideal weight.

Bichectomy is not a suitable operation for people who are overweight or underweight.

Another thing to consider is whether tobacco product is used or not, because people who use tobacco products are likely to have major problems after the operation.

How is the bichectomy procedure done?

The operation process of bichectomy is quite simple.

Patients come to the operation hungry. Next, the cheek area is numbed with local anesthesia.

An incision with a diameter of 1 cm is made on the inside of the cheek, and the fat tissue in the area is reached and a certain proportion of this tissue is taken.

After the operation, the patients rest for a while and are discharged.

What to Consider Before Bichectomy Surgery?

First of all, people should inform their physicians about a certain chronic disease, allergy or if they have medications that they regularly use. Before the operation, they must convey their expectations from the operation to their doctors in a clear language.

What Should Be Considered After Bichectomy Surgery?

Antibiotics recommended by the physician should be used regularly to prevent inflammation of the incisions in the mouth after the operation.

Attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the mouth and nutrition. Physicians suggest that foods with soft tissue should be consumed in this process. Foods that are very hard and may damage the operation area should be avoided.

What are the Disadvantages of Bichectomy Procedure?

As in every operation, bichectomy operation also has certain complications. Patients should always consider the risk of bleeding and infection.

If care is not taken, such problems may arise and medical intervention may be required.

The person performing the intervention is very important because asymmetrical images may occur in cases where the amount of adipose tissue taken in the operation is not adjusted correctly.

İzmir Bichectomy

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