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What are Voice and Hearing Problems?


What is Voice Disorder?

People use their voices and hearing to communicate with people. On the one hand, both the sound must be transmitted perfectly, and the sound from the opposite must be perceived in the most accurate way. Sound and hearing disorders that occur in people directly affect their lives. It becomes extremely difficult to achieve success in social and business life. For this reason, it will be necessary to solve this disorders in a short time.

What Is Voice Disorder?

Abnormalities in the pitch, resonance ,or loudness of the voice are briefly called voice disorders. People may have difficulty speaking because of the disorder in the voice. The problem of hoarse voice can occur. Coordination of breathing may not be achieved during speech. Singers begin to have difficulty transitioning to high or low notes. Sore throat, itching ,or burning may occur. All of these symptoms indicate voice disorder.

What Causes Voice Disorder?

Voice disorder in humans can be depended on many different reasons. Acute and spontaneous disorders can be caused by the wrong use of the voice, such as shouting at a very loud volume, talking continuously. In addition, the discomfort called voice paralysis also reveals voice disorders. High levels of alcohol and smoking definitely affect the quality of sound. Some types of cancer also cause voice disorders.

What Can Be Done To Avoid Voice Disorder?

It is important to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to prevent voice disorders. Reducing the talking time on the phone is important to avoid voice disorder. Trying to talk constantly in crowded environments also triggers voice disorder, so this should be avoided. Cessation of alcohol and cigarette consumption protects voice health. Incorrect use of voice should be avoided. Even using the wrong pillow can cause voice disorders in people.

How Is Voice Disorder Treated?

It is possible to talk about many different methods in the treatment of voice disorder. Which treatment will be applied is decided according to the factor that causes the voice disorder. Drug treatment is sufficient in many cases. Surgical intervention may be required in cases where drug treatment is not sufficient. There are also some differences in the type of surgical intervention. As an alternative to all these, voice therapies also give successful results.

What Is Hearing Disorder?

The correct entry of the sound into the body and the perception of the body is as important as the correct exit of the sound from the body. The inability to hear the incoming sound at a sufficient level or not at all is called hearing disorder. Although it can occur at any age, it is a problem that usually manifests itself as people get older. Although it is a problem that can be seen in men and women, it is more common in men. Hearing disorders can be seen in 10% of men over the age of 65.

What Causes Hearing Disorder?

There are many different reasons for the emergence of hearing disorders in people. The use of heavy drugs is among the first causes of this disorder. Drugs used in cancer treatment can cause hearing loss in humans. This is also seen in diuretical. In addition, tumors occuring in the brain can cause hearing loss by affecting the sensory organs. Aging, bacterial infections, head injuries, stroke or genetic problems are also known as causes of hearing disorder.

How Is Hearing Disorder Treated?

Special devices are generally used in the treatment of hearing disorders. Devices which are called hearing aid, enable the sound to be transferred to patients at a higher frequency. Pressure balancing tubes are also among the frequently preferred options in the treatment of hearing disorder. Drug therapy may also be considered sufficient depending on the cause of the discomfort.

İzmir Hearing Disorder

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