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Tympanoplasty - Eardrum Treatment


Ear Drum Repair 2022

Tympanoplasty is the process of repairing the eardrum and the auditory system in the tympanum by removing the inflammation in the tympanum and mastoid bone in chronic tympanum problems. Surgery varies according to the extent of the disease.
• Repairing only the hole in the eardrum (Myringoplasty)
• Repair of the ossicular system that provides sound transmission in the middle ear with membrane repair (Tympanoplasty)
• Removal of inflammation that has progressed into the mastoid bone (Mastoidectomy)
• The combination of these surgeries is grouped as (tympanomastoidectomy).
The ideal age range for simple eardrum repair surgeries is after 12-14 years. However, it is obligatory to have surgery at any age where there may be advanced inflammation. The process begins by closing the hole in the eardrum firstly. For this, the eardrum is repaired by removing the muscle cover in the upper part of the back of the ear or the perichondrium in front of the ear canal and using it as a tissue.
Then, the ossicles in the voice-grade system are repaired by giving appropriate shapes to the pieces taken from the cartilage in front of the ear canal and the bones behind the ear with artificial middle ear prostheses and providing appropriate placement positions.

Eardrum Repair

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