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What is Septorhinoplasty?


About Septorhinoplasty

Problems in the nose structure are handled in three different ways.


  • Functional,
  • Aesthetics or
  • It can cause both functional and aesthetic problems.

Especially today, women pay more attention to the structure and appearance of the nose and show more interest in plastic surgery.

Septorhinoplasty is the name of functional rhinoplasty surgery performed to correct nasal deformities and bone and cartilage curvatures that prevent breathing.

Septorhinoplasty Operation

Septorhinoplasty or septoplasty is one of the most applied surgical operations today. If you are experiencing nasal breathing problems, this procedure will be very beneficial for you in order to improve your quality of life. With the septoplasty operation, the deviated septum is corrected and if the physician deems it necessary, sinusitis is treated and the polyps located there are eliminated. The enlarged concha (nasal tissue) in the nose is reduced and the airway is opened, allowing easy breathing again.

People with congenital, in other words, genetic problems caused by defect in the structure of the nose, people who have difficulty in breathing due to structural defects in the nose, and in addition, people who have problems such as inability to breathe through the nose as a result of subsequent traumas can undergo septorhinoplasty surgery.


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