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Questions About Nasal Congestion


We need to breathe regularly in order to continue our lives. The nose is our organ that has taken the leading role in breathing. While the congestion in the nose makes it difficult for us to breathe, it gives the whole burden to the mouth. However, the quality of mouth breathing is ,unfortunately, lower than nasal breathing. Nasal congestion problems in humans can occur in many different situations. Some of these create huge problems while others are problems that get over in time.

What Are the Causes of Nasal Congestion?

Conditions that cause nasal congestion in humans can be listed as;

  • Concha problems,
  • Alcohol,
  • Flu and common cold,
  • Allergic reactions,
  • Mid seasons,
  • Very spicy foods,
  • Entry of foreign bodies into the nose.

The most important of the problems that occur with nasal congestion in humans can be shown as sleep apnea. This disorder, which greatly decreases the quality of life, should be detected in a short time and treated immediately.

Izmir Nasal Congestion

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