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What are Balance Problems?


Questions About Balance Problems

Diseases can always cause serious problems in our bodies. Some cause visual problems while others decrease our quality of life. Balance problems are among the problems that decrease our quality of life and turn our lives upside down. It becomes difficult to perform even extremely standard actions in our lives. While balance problems decrease the quality of life on their own, they can also be a symptom of some different diseases. People ignore balance problems in their first period and they foresee that it will go away on its own in a short time. However, since it is possible to be a symptom of extremely important disease, this complaint should not be ignored ,and physicians should be consulted immediately.

What Causes Balance Problems?

The cause of balance problems can be extremely different. It is extremely difficult for patients to analyze these reasons without consulting physicians. Some problems play a leading role in the emergence of balance problems. The problems that arise when the balance crystals in the ear escape into the semicircular canal manage to overthrow the balance.

Meniere’s syndrome is one of the diseases that cause balance problems. When It occurs with the increase in the amount of inner ear fluid, it disrupts the balance. Apart from that, neurological problems, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies and visual disorders are among the factors that cause balance problems in humans.

How to Distinguish Between the Problem of Balance and Dizziness?

Balance disorders and dizziness are always confused situations with each other. These two terms are defined differently in medicine. Balance problems are when the person has difficulty in balancing according to the environment he/she is in. Even when the person is stationary, he/she feels that he/she is in motion and has serious difficulty in balancing.

In dizziness, people experience illusions of movement in the environment they live in. The feeling that the objects they see are moving dominates. Although both are conditions that negatively affect life, they are different from each other and should be well differentiated. Seeing a doctor would be the right choice in both cases.

What Are The Symptoms of Balance Problems?

If there are balance problems in patients, they are asked to explain the problem to the physician. The explanations people make are symptoms of balance problems. These symptoms are;

  • Dizziness,
  • Spinning around,
  • Feeling that the ground is slipping under the feet,
  • Turning black in the eyes,
  • Vomiting,
  • Nausea,
  • Tinnitus,
  • Hearing disorders,
  • Beginning to observe abnormal movements in the eye,
  • Severe headaches.

It is not necessary for all of these symptoms to occur in patients with complaints. One or more than one of the symptoms may be seen. The cause of balance problems is also a determiner which of symptoms will occur. For this reason, physicians try to make a diagnosis according to the occuring symptoms.

What Problems Occur in Balance Problems?

The effect of balance problems on human life is extremely negative. The person may fall into place continuously due to difficulty in balancing. Falls can cause various injuries. It is known that falls cause much bigger problems, especially in old persons.

Balance problems in people who drive can cause traffic accidents. Accidents with loss of life or property damage will cause problems to grow. People become unable to continue their social or business life. Treatment should be started as soon as possible.

How Are Balance Problems Treated?

When people complaining of balance problems apply to hospitals, firstly, a comprehensive ear-nose-throat examination will be done. Besides, the cause of the problem is clearly understood with hearing tests and computerized posturography. Then, the decision is made by the physicians by evaluating the drug and surgical options for the treatment of balance problems. It will be necessary to start treatment as soon as possible.


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