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All Information About Allergies and Sinus Infections


Some diseases which are seen in humans are treated in a short time and patients return to their normal lives. In some diseases, treatment is not possible. The patient should pay attention to his/her lifestyle throughout his/her life and live with these diseases knowingly. Allergies and sinus infections are problems that remain lifelong and decrease the quality of life in some cases. If all necessary information about these diseases is obtained, patients can continue their lives without decreasing their quality of life.

What is Allergy?

In order to learn to live with allergies, firstly, it is necessary to learn the answer to the question of what is allergy. Allergy is the name given to the antibodies in the body fighting against substances that are completely harmless to other bodies and creating various reactions. Some foods, dust, mites, pollen and animal species can be shown as substances that can cause allergies in humans.

What Are The Symptoms of Allergy?

Symptoms of allergies differ from person to person. In some people, the symptoms manifest themselves as a chronic cough, while in some patients experience frequent sneezing. Studies show that the most common allergy symptoms are itching, swelling in the body, difficulty breathing and skin eruption on the body.

How Is Allergy Treated?

People wonder what allergy is as well as how to treat it. It is not possible to talk about a treatment for the complete elimination of allergy. Patients can continue to live healthy life by avoiding the factors that cause allergies. In addition, allergy medications can help the patient to return to normal life when allergic reactions begin. Just in case, the patient will need to be seen by specialist physicians.

What Does Sinus Infection Mean?

Sinus infections are called sinusitis shortly. The fact that the question of what is sinusitis is asked a lot is due to the fact that it is a common problem among people.

Inflammation of the mucosa covering the sinuses with the emergence of infections in the sinuses located around the nose is called sinusitis. The mucus produced by the lining mucosa cannot be pouring into the nose. The fact that the mucus, which plays an important role in respiration, does not descend into the nose will directly affect respiration.


What Are The Reasons of Sinus Infection?

After the answer to the question of what is sinusitis, which is asked by people, the causes should be examined immediately. Although there are many different causes of sinusitis, some causes come into prominence as they are frequently seen.

Upper respiratory tract infections are the most common cause of sinusitis. In addition, the obstruction of the canals due to allergies also causes sinusitis. Due to the appearance of curvatures in the nose, the structures in the nose may not work healthfully. This causes sinusitis.

The growth of the adenoid or concha in children causes congestion. It is not possible for the mucus to reach the nose. All this invites respiratory passage problems.

What Are The Symptoms of Sinus Infection?

The starting of infections in the sinuses reveals many different symptoms. The first of these symptoms is persistent cough that is irresistible. If the nasal flow is yellow-green and viscous, it is also a symptom of infection.

People begin to feel pressure around the eyes. Breath smells bad and smell disorders occur. Some patients also experience nausea and vomiting.

Infections do not leave the body on their own unless they are treated. Common colds that last for 10-15 days appear at this stage. Complaints of snoring at night show themselves. Behavior changes will also begin in humans.

How Are Sinus Infections Treated?

Patients wonder what is sinusitis as well as how to treat it. Antibiotic drugs should be used for the treatment of the disease. Antibiotics, which are extremely successful in eliminating infections, allow the patient to recover in a short time. If the infections have become chronic, it is possible to solve the problem completely with surgery.


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