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About Fillers

Dermal Fillers

It is the injection material applied to remove volume losses or creases from different areas of the filler face. The most commonly used and fully absorbable types of hyaluronic acid are filled, but there are also long-term absorption padding, such as calcium hydroxyapatites, polyacid.

How long does the filling stay?

The permanence change between 6 and 18 months, depending on the chemical material structure that is used to fill the application.

Filling materials applied to the surface melt faster due to the chemical structure, leaving the skin longer.

Is an Anesthetic cream used before filling?

it is generally carried out with a little amount of anesthetic cream.

Where can the Fill Application be applied?

Filling application is provided with cannula and needles. Many areas can be filled. applicable areas are gall feet, eye-eye and upper eyelids, cheekbone, nasolabial and marionette curves, lip and jawline, nose.

Can Fill applications be performed with different applications?

Filling applications can be applied with other injections, along with mesotherapy, toxins.


Getting more detailed information about it?
You can use the link below to get a detailed preliminary examination by  ENT diseases, head and neck surgery specialist Dr.Ahmet Caymaz.