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How is Adenoid Vegetation (Adenoid) Treated?


What is Adenoid Treatment?

Adenoid vegetation, or in other words adenoid, is the name given to the tissue mass behind the nasal cavity. Adenoids, which consist of the same type of tissue as the lymph nodes, are part of the immune system.

Missions of adenoid; to catch bacteria and virus type germs that enter through the nose, and also to produce antibodies that help the body to fight germs. For adenoids to cause problems, the eustachian tubes that ventilate the ear must reach dimensions that will interrupt the air passage through the nose or close the mouth.

Adenoid, which is part of the body’s defense systems, can cause children to get infections more often and weaken their immune systems. Adenoid can become a source of bacteria for the body with the development of the bacterial layer. The enlarged adenoids cause closure of the airways in the nose and make nasal breathing impossible.

If your child has frequent enlarged adenoid or rhinitis, you can bring your child to our clinic and have him/her examined by Doctor Ahmet Caymaz.

If the treatment of adenoid enlargement is delayed, some negative side effects may occur. We can list these side effects as follows;

  • Hearing loss
  • Snoring and respiratory disorder in sleeping
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Otitis media
  • Sinus
  • Restlessness in sleeping
  • Development disorder
  • Growth failure due to changes in growth hormone
  • Deformities that may occur on the face
  • Anorexia
  • Distractibility
  • Children, who can’t breathe healthfully, can’t get quality sleep and accordingly occurring hyperactivity and behavioral disorders
  • Failure in school life
  • Chronic sinusitis and endless coughing attacks at night
  • Fluid loss in the body due to mouth breathing and formation of bad breath.
  • Dental cavities due to mouth breathing
  • Nasal bleeding


Adenoid treatment in children is first started with the help of antibiotics. If the adenoid is not inflamed, your doctor may recommend waiting for a while. Because some changes in the size of the adenoid are normal. Besides, there is a possibility that your child’s adenoids will shrink on their own over time.

The size of the adenoid should be investigated in the presence of symptoms such as nasal obstruction, sleeping with an open mouth, snoring, and otitis media in cases that cannot be resolved with drug treatments in children. If there is narrowing of the airways as a result of the examinations and evaluations, surgical operation can be decided.

Adenoid Surgery

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